Rental boats in the Hummeldal district

If you have rent a cottage from us you can also rent boats for fishing and for other forms of water-based enjoyment. All our rental boats are of high quality. Please ask us for more details!

Castello Onnenmyyrä

5.1 x 2 m (semi-planing)

 20 hp Tohatsu 4-stroke engine

Electric start, electrically elevated stern, side rails                    

Speed 10-20 knots

Approved for 5 adults

Pure petrol

Rent: € 100 / day

Castello Onnenmyyrä

5.1 x 2 m (semi-planing)

20 hp Tohatsu 4-stroke engine


Speed 10-20

The boat has three benches, approved for 5 adults

The engine requires 98 E5 petrol with 2% of oil (grade TCW3)

Rent:  100 / day

Terhi 440

4.4 x 1.75

The boat has four benches, approved for 5 adults

To this boat you can put up your own engine

Rent: 55 / day

Rowing boat without an engine

Approx. 4 m long

3-4 persons

Rent: 30 € / day €100  / week

Life vests

Rent: 2 / day

Petrol and oil

We hope you will buy fuel here on the spot and don´t bring your own fuel with you. If you want however do so you have to consult the renter.

Please note that the petrol used in the rental boats is 98 E5. Fuel is not included in the rent. The weekend rate is 2x the daily rate.

The oil to be mixed with the petrol must be outboard engine grade TCW3 two-stroke oil.

Own boat with you to the cottage holiday

You can also take your own boat with you if you want. It is the slipway there in our shore.

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