General Cottage Rental Terms and Conditions

1. Each rental period of one week starts on the day of arrival at 2 pm and ends at 11 am on the day of departure. The rental period extends, unless otherwise indicated, from Monday to Monday.

2. The rent shall be paid in advance using the attached invoice for this purpose.

3. The deposit shall one-third of the rent and it shall be paid within one week of the date of the invoice. The remaining balance is due 6 weeks before the rental period begins.

4. In the event of cancellation after the signing of the rental agreement, the tenant shall be required to pay a cancellation fee of €20. If the even of cancellation taking place 6 weeks before the beginning of the rental period, the the tenant shall be required to pay the full rental fee. If the cottage in question can be rented to aomeone else for the period in question, this sum will be returned to the tenant with the cancellation fee of €20 being deducted from it.

5. The rental price includes the costs of normal use of fuel and electricity.

6. The rental agreement includes the right of occupation of the cottage during the rental agreement period. The cottage is to be used exclusively by the tenant and his/her family, and by no more than the number of people that the cottage is intended for. Any complaints must be made in the first instance directly to the owner of the cottage within a maximum of 5 days from the end of the rental period.

7. Pets, such as dogs, cats or other similar animals, may not be brought to the site of the cottage without the owners's consent. The owner's terms and conditions shall be observed.

8. The normal overlooking and cleaning of the cottage, sauna, boat, and the block of land are the tenant’s obligations during the rental period. All of the cottage's equipment and furnishings need to be returned in the same condition as they were received. Handing-over shall take place on the day of departure at 11 am (or on Sunday evening in the case of weekend rentals). The tenant shall be required to reimburse the owner directly for any damage caused to the cottage or its movables.

9. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the tenant shall bring his own bed linen, towels and sanitary necessity.

10. The tenant must personally notify the owner of the exact time of arrival and agree on the possible reception and mode of arrival at the cottage.

11. Campinng out as well as campfires within the cottage area without the landlord's permission are prohibited.

12. Renting a Hummeldal cottage is inclusive of private fishing rights within the fishing grounds attached to the property, this water area being about 55 ha. Net fishing is permitted for private needs, 2 nets/cottage (minimum mesh size of 45 mm).

SMS cancellations are not accepted.

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