Flutter carpets and beddings

  • put beddings back to the beds and carpets to the floor

Clean the kitchen

  • wash the dishes WELL and put them to the cupboards
  • empty the trash and take trashes to the garbage can
  • empty and clean the refridgerator and freezer
  • wash the stove, oven and microwave oven, remember the extractor hood
  • check that the coffeemaker, water boiler and toaster are clean
  • clean the tables, counters and doors of cupboards

Clean the sauna, shower room and toilet

  • clean the counters and floors
  • empty the ashes from sauna stove and bring firewood to the basket

Hoover the floor and sofa

Put the furniture and all other things back to their own places

Clean the floor with the mop

Check the windows and clean them if there are any dirts

Shut the windows and doors

If you did use bed linen which are rented from us leave them near the door

Grill (and the grill house): clean the grill always after every use (and clean the grill house also).

If you had your pet with you clean your pets clutters both inside the cottage and  outside as well.

Switch off the lights

If you have used boats check that they are fastened well

NOTICE!!!  It is not allowed to scale, gut or do anything like that inside the cottage, sauna or porch. For that kind of activity there is a fish cleaning table on the beach. It is allowed also on the rock, stone or some other thing. Anyway outside of cottage! You must also clean your fish cleaning mess. Tubs, buckets and bowls in the sauna are not allowed to use in fish cleaning. You must use your own equipment.​

Smoking inside is forbidden. If it has been smoked inside we have to air out and invoice it too. When you are smoking outside put your butts to the ashtray. When you are doing the final cleaning remember to empty the ashtrays too.

After the renting time if the final cleaning is not done properly and we have to clean before the next customer, we will charge you the final cleaning payment.

Cleaning payments: starting payment and cleaning max. 30 minutes 100€.

If the cottage is not ready in that time we will charge you more: it is 30€ / hour / cleaner.

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